Things at home that are making us sick!

Things at home that are making us sick!

Our home is supposed to be a safe place where we can rest and enjoy our free time hidden from the dangers and the stress of the outside world.
Unfortunately, there are so many things that we may not even see that can be making us sick.
If you are having a headache, breathing problems take a look at the following things that may be causing your problems.
All types of mold are irritants to respiratory systems and can cause huge problems. We can find them everywhere at home-bathroom, laundry rooms, basements, the spores can grow and multiply to create a colony that can be hazardous to our health.
First we have to the improve the air quality in our home:
-Fresh air by regular opening of the windows and doors
-We have to limit the use of toxic cleaning chemicals
-Ban indoor smoking of any type

-Improper cleaning and hand washing that leaves bacteria and viruses on surfaces
-Shared use of towels and bathmats
-Cleaning chemicals, spray air fresheners and limiting fresh air

Living room - the room that gets most attention from the family and guests. We have snacks there, play with pets. Using a good vacuum with a Hopa filter regularly and dusting often will keep allergens under control.

Bedrooms- DANGER!
Pillows and mattresses that ate not cleaned properly can give us a lot of allergens.

Kitchen- sinks, drain openings have to be cleaned regularly and properly. It's very important to use eco-friendly cleaning products.

Finally, we have to say if you want to be healthy and enjoy your time for rest without thinking of all these allergens, bacterias and mold you'd better call us we will do everything and you will have enough time to watch TV, play with kids or pets, go out for a walk and just do what you want.

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